Not much of a peep from trolls the last week. Lame. See you clowns in June.

We think no one sub can serve every capacity. So we support subs with the right people who focus on various topics. (bottom of sidebar) We can’t do everything ourselves, so we are offering up some subs we have to partners. Right now these are the subs.

r/Chinesediaspora, r/chineseamerican, r/overseaschinese (intended for overseas focus, one that prioritizes Chinese identity before race, gender and politics)

r/Hong_Kong, r/HKer, r/HongKonger, r/HeungGong (intended for Hong Kong people focus, not place)

r/ChineseChristian, r/ChineseChristians, r/ChineseChurch (intended to evaluate the current status. How Chinese view the religion, the churches role in the Chinese community, if any.) Msg r/ChineseChristian mods if you want to get involved with this.

If you have a vision, make a text submission and get some interested people, when you have something msg us (pm or mod message). (with supporting links and information)

with r/India, r/Pakistan, r/Newsokur, r/Russia, r/Europe, r/Lebanon

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